Red Roja Plegable Mosquitera Portátil Libre De La Instalación De Anti-Mosquito Net Texto De La Cuenta

€34.07 €109.89

  • Material: Fibra de poliéster (poliéster)
  • Estilo: Otras/Otros
  • Métodos De Instalación: Necesidad De Instalación
  • El Titular De Material: Tubería de fibra de vidrio
  • Categorías De Productos: Mosquitera
  • Privadas Autorizadas De La Marca: Is
  • Elemento: 0809
  • Procesamiento Personalizado: Is
  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • la puerta número: doble puerta
  • Aplicable: Una De Propósito General
  • Tipo de: Una sola puerta
  • color: Azul marino, rosa, azul, camello
  • Categoría: Mosquito Net/Cortinas

Etiquetas: Colgado De La Cúpula Mosquitera, fli trampa, jardín net, bebé pequeño net, la ciudad de almohada, la tierra net, cama mosquitero, campamento mosquitera, anti mosquito lámpara, led cama de dosel.

Like the picture but I asked the seller for protection of the parcel, which he did not... Fortunately, the package did not suffer any damage but the box was damaged
Very helpful seller
Www Bouzidi Mouldi
While I would have preferred to have a more detailed set of instructions, it is easy enough to be built without many issues. I purchased the single bed model, who does not have the same parts as the ones shown on the instructions video. It is quite tall and I had no issues sleeping with it!
Very quick delivery but not good product quality
Stahieva M
I did not receive my parcel because apparently delivered but as he was not supposed to enter the mailbox, an indelicate delivery man probably put it in the airlock and guess?? Of course he's gone. The seller is recalcitrant to send me another because he does not feel responsible but he is responsible for the good reception of his parcels

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